Friday, September 26, 2008

Burn After Reading

I recently saw the Coen Brother's movie "Burn After Reading" and it is flat out great. Regardless of some of the recent reviews. It's true that the Coen's do seem to be re treading some of their previous material. In this case we are again treated to an assemblage of slightly pathetic bunglers who, while desperate for money to alter their current station, find themselves in circumstances beyond what they had imagined. Things quickly and spastically spiral out of control. Still, I'll take a well crafted Coen Brother's re tread over 90% of anything else out there. The casting, writing and cinematography are great. The smaller roles are particularly well acted. The brothers have a knack for accurately portraying our cultures contemporary obsessions, packing it tightly into a stick of dynamite and adding a match. In "Burn After Reading" it is fitness, secretive bureaucracies, tell all memoirs, sex, relationships and bottled water that are used for gun powder. KABOOM!

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