Friday, December 12, 2008

What's The Difference Between A Mug Shot And A Portrait?

Stylistic intent is the real difference. Some times it's merely the difference in the quality of the camera equipment used to make the picture. The artists and the various local police departments who made these mug shots really share many of the same objectives. Some of the following pictures were made by Richard Avedon and Andy Warhol. The others by arresting officers. The mug shots were all found on the The Smoking Gun.

Larry King by Mug Shot, Donald Rumsfeld by Avedon, Karl Rove by Avedon, Rush Limbaugh by Mug Shot, Field Worker by Avedon, Glue Sniffer by Mug Shot, Amy Fisher by Mug Shot, Young Girl by Avedon, Debbie Harry by Warhol, Lindsay Lohan by Mug Shot, Perp In T-shirt by Mug Shot, Tom DeLay by Mug Shot, Marilyn Monroe by Avedon, Anna Nicole by Mug Shot, Nick Nolte by Mug Shot, Lee Friedlander by Avedon

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