Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tattoo You

I really have nothing against tattoos. Some rise to the level of "very cool" though I have to admit that I've seen few, if any in my opinion, that rise to the level of art. While they have an ancient and storied history they have become so ubiquitous, ordinary and common that any association they once had with danger, rebels, risk takers, outrageous characters, rock and rollers, etc... has long ago vanished. They now sit comfortably in the polite realm of suburban grandmothers, millionaire athletes and Ivy League bankers. Too often they are a one liner that lasts forever. A kind of 'Ground Hog Day' playing over and over on the body. There are some though, that still have the power to surprise. To make you pause and ask yourself ..."what the fuck" ?

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