Monday, October 19, 2009

Gary Winogrand Ruined My Trip to the Zoo

The visit itself was great. Thankfully the weather was cold, wet and awful and the zoo was deserted. This made for a fun and breezy traipse through the exhibits and allowed for some quality mutual staring time with the animals. It was only later when going through my snaps that I realized the burden of the sticky baggage I was carrying and the absurdly high bar that had been erected.

"Winogrand's zoo, even if true, is a grotesquery. It is a surreal Disneyland where unlikely human beings and jaded careerist animals stare at each other through bars, exhibiting bad manners and a mutual failure to recognize their own ludicrous predicaments." --John Szarkowski

The above 5 pictures are by Gary Winogrand and were published in his book The Animals.

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