Monday, January 24, 2011

Bone Heads

Below are exact quotes from the subject headings of 2 months worth of Viagra related spam sent to my email account. Apparently some folks out there are very concerned about me. While I am flattered by the attention they really needn't worry themselves. They seem to have larger and harder problems to solve. Like how to attain a most basic grasp of the english language. I would be remiss if I failed to mention to them that if their persistent concern for my erections lasts more than 4 emails then they really ought to seek remedial spelling attention immediately!

"Your lady wants your baby maker to be the best worker of the year!
Doon't be a loesr. Be a real maan. Usee Sooft Cilais.
You'll be asotunded at the stifnfess of yoour meeat
Yoour eerction caan be loacted with the usee of plils
You'll shoow her gerat plaesure with a barnd new ercetion
Yoour wmoan wiill bceome craezd by yoour erectionSpuer Vigara.
Want to act like a porndirector? Attack a blu colored med
Strengtehn yoour seuxal sklils with Sooft Vaigra.
Yoour lovres wiill apprecaite the flulness of yoour ercetion
A ltitle biit of Ciails and yoour bnoer wiill be baack
Doon't feeel guitly aobut watning to havee graet seex
yoour boenr wiill coome to lifee quikcly
Why moost meen caan noot satifsy thier wmoen
Birng the pleausre for yoour laady wheen you take Vigara
Yoour peins yaerns to be retsored and tehse pil-ls caan do it."

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