Monday, March 2, 2009

If You Want To Be A Photographer's Assistant

There are a few things that anyone should give serious consideration to if they want to assist. The hours are long, the pay is not great, the work can be arduous and the photographers you work with may be souless tyrants. I've created this list so that those considering assisting can get a small and honest peek at what is expected of them.

After a long flight to the Virgin Islands cat like vigilance is required for collecting and gathering up the equipment.

While having dessert on the veranda over looking the bay be certain to blow on your Chamomile tea so that it does not burn your lips. You may need them later to kiss the photographer's ass after you accidentally drop their camera into the ocean.

If the models insist on snorkeling with you then snorkel you must.

If the models should take a break from snorkeling to do some sun bathing you would be well advised to keep a constant eye on their hand bag and other personal valuables.

Last but not least, wake up early to watch the sunrise and remind yourself that it is "nice to get out of New York for a few days in February"

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