Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blinded by Science

The New York Times ran a recent piece on the efforts to save the now crumbling Long Island laboratory of the renowned scientist Nikola Tesla. Included in the article were a few fantastic, time lapse, photographs of Tesla, boldly and nonchalantly, sitting by his creation, an electric coil, as it discharges millions of volts of electricity. These reminded me of the dramatic and beautiful pictures made by M.I.T scientist and strobe pioneer, Dr. Harold Edgerton.

Dickenson V. Alley/Burndy Library

Dickenson V. Alley/Burndy Library

Harold Edgerton, Explosion of Atomic Bomb

Harold Edgerton, Bullet Through Playing card

Harold Edgerton, Bullet through Apple

Harold Edgerton, Milk Drop Coronet

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1 comment:

The Fab Miss B said...

I first learned about Harold Edgerton during a recent trip to the Atomic Testing Museum here in Las Vegas. I'd love to find his milk drop video- it was truly gorgeous. (Go small enough or big enough and just about anything is completely incredible!)Wonderful post. I love the Tesla images too!