Friday, May 15, 2009

Eggleston Speaks

A nice, short video of William Eggleston, and others, talking briefly about his work. I especially like the first bit that shows Eggleston making photographs. It well illustrates how ordinary and undramatic the act of making pictures really is. Particularly in comparison to the clips below of Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso who toss and stab paint about like demons hopped up on Red Bull. If you ran across Eggleston working away in a parking lot you would probably mistake him for a well dressed Insurance Claims Adjuster, quietly and dispassionately completing his mundane duties.

Jackson Pollock

Pablo Picasso

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Anonymous said...

Nice film.
I hate color but Eggleston comes across so nice, though ugly is not word I would use.

Too many junkies; too many guns not enough Levitowns.

I did not know he was older than me.

I asked Amy Stein and she didnt answer; have you ever restricted yourself to one body one lens and one film?

Evan Sklar said...

Yes. Almost always. Though if I'm making pictures for a job I always have back up everything.