Monday, September 28, 2009

Chelsea Field Trip

I did a recent gallery weave through the streets of Chelsea to check out the current offerings. As always some of what I saw was terrific and much of it... not so much terrific. What's always most curious about these visits is to re-witness how 90's Soho has completely recreated itself in the once gritty streets of West Chelsea. It's as if, having attempted to kill the tacky beast that Soho had become, the art industry succeeded only in creating a larger, hipper and more fortified monster. If a fuzzy line once existed that separated the presentation and distribution of art versus commerce that line has now fully and gleefully dissolved. I spotted a few new furniture shops and book stores which I suspect will soon be followed by shoe stores, poster shops and kiosks offerings souvenir trinkets. One of the more interesting "galleries" that I visited was the Tesla gallery/car dealership. Tesla Motors has a large street level space where you can check out and purchase their gorgeous and fast $105,000 fully electric Tesla Roadster. It's a true beauty but I couldn't help but wonder how I was going to fit the Richard Serra piece I just saw in it's tiny trunk?

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