Thursday, September 17, 2009

Found At the Science Fair

I'm guessing that more pictures have been created in the service of science than have been made in the service of art. It's comes as no surprise that these images are often a more interesting to look at. Because they were typically made to serve a function and purpose, rather than as an expression or exploration of the delicate sensitivities of an "artist" they have a sincerity and candidness about them that is difficult to find in the world of fine art.

Various Medical Imaging Techniques, Including X-Ray, MRI, and CT Scans. Scott Camazine/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Card X, Hermann Rorschach, Published in 1927

Motor Oil On Asphalt, Adam Jones/Photo Researchers Inc.

Lost 8 Out of Ten Toenails, from

Excised Knee Joint, A Round Musket Ball in the Inner Condyle of the Right Femur, William H. Bell, 1866, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ichnographs from the Sandstone of Connecticut River, James Deane, 1861, Collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dandelion Seeds, William Henry Fox Talbot, 1858, Collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art

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