Thursday, January 7, 2010

If I Let You See My Balls Can I Fly On Your Plane?

It seems likely that airport body scanners will become a standard part of air travel. Now when you fly the once friendly skies you'll have to endure, in addition to the usual nonsense, the pleasure of having a charming, reptilian dude from the T.S.A leering at your naked ass, and other body parts, on a monitor as he sits a discreet distance away while locked in a small room. It sounds more like Time's Square in the 1970's than it does a modern day airport. Though to be honest I'm not sure who has it worse. As much as I don't like the idea of some half witted stranger with a Barney Fife complex briefly eyeing my scrotum I'm also not sure that I'd want the scanner to be on the other foot. What's worse, enduring some stranger seeing you and yours naked before you are allowed to board a cruddy airplane that you are paying to be on, or having to be that person who has to look at thousands of what is certain to be mostly unattractive, naked bodies for hours on end? If there's one interesting by-product to come out of this silliness it will be all the great pictures that will no doubt be produced. I can't wait to see the 250 million others that will eventually end up out there in cyberspace.

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1 comment:

Swordfish said...

This post slays me ! Freakin' hilarious pics.

I'm going to tape a 3rd gonad next time I fly... just for shits & giggles.