Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I've never had my ears, or any other body part, pierced so I was kind of looking forward to witnessing my daughter having her ears pierced. My son and I spent the days leading up watching some horrific piercing clips on YouTube and we were taking bets on how things might go down. Ava seemed to sort of understand the process but I was sure there would be some serious screaming, tears and drama worth documenting. Nothing! She showed a bit of enthusiastic anticipation that was followed by a steely resolve and that was that.

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Nita Bonita said...

I really enjoy your pics. She's adorable and much braver than I'd be. lol I don't have any piercings either. =P

Adela said...

what a brave girl! thats good, congratulaions.
take care of the piercing, because its much better when its done with a needle.cures faster and wont close.
good luck!