Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost Weekend

I'd be lying if I said I was productive in making pictures this weekend. My son is away for a few weeks and we always use his time away as an opportunity to edit and put order to the massive amounts of crap that he tirelessly collects, hoards, stashes and loses in his room during the school year. I only mention this because once we began to clean we couldn't stop. The flood gates had opened and before I knew it we had been transformed into whirling, spastic, domestic, dervishes engaged in a never ceasing "spring" cleaning during the loveliest summer weekend yet. At least it appeared that way from my smudge free side of the window.

I did manage to make it out once briefly to the farmers market down the street. They had the ripest peaches there and some really great looking cherry tomatoes that I'm looking forward to trying as soon as I put the step ladder and paint brush away.

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