Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walker Evans and Baseball

When I saw this picture in the New York Times yesterday of Yankee outfielder Johnny Damon, I couldn't help but think of Walker Evans. As far as I know Walker Evans made very few pictures about baseball. I looked and I found only one. This picture has so many of the same physical elements that Evans' was attracted to and wrestled with in his own photographs, including a potpourri of various numbers and letters foregrounded with a human figure.

Winslow Townson/ Associated Press

Walker Evans, Lottery Ticket Shop Signs, Havana, 1933

Walker Evans, Coney Island, New York, 1928

Walker Evans, New York, 1935

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Anonymous said...

If your middle initials were W.E. your name would be an anagram of Walker Evans. Not sure what that means in terms of your photography career.

Evan Sklar said...

Hmmmmm? Me either. But thanks for pointing that out.