Friday, June 19, 2009

Day of the Dad

I'm told that Sunday is Father's Day. While Mother's Day touches a collective cultural nerve and stirs up a bounty of media attention, mostly commerce related, I have the sense that Father's Day sits quietly and precariously on a wall, carrying a little more weight than, say, Flag Day or World Juggling Day. So here's a nod to the dads.

Walker Evans with father and grandfather, 1907

Imogen Cunningham, My father at 90, 1936

Henri Cartier Bresson, Coronation of King George VI, Trafalgar Square, London, 1937

Tod Papageorge, Father and Son, Central Park, 1980

Joel Sternfeld, Canyon Country, CA, 1983

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Kirstier said...

Lovely choices of photos to put to your sweet Father's Day tribute. :)The last photo of the young girl with her father sitting on a wall, is me. I was 10 years old when Joel Sternfeld took this of us. We were planting seedling flowers in our front yard beneath our feet when he came by. If you notice, down the street a ways, a white VW bus...That was Joel's. Thought you might like to know a little history. Blessings.

Evan Sklar said...

Cool! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've always really enjoyed that picture. Best,