Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Must See Tee Vee

On Friday the world of analog will be dealt a final death blow when all television in the United States will be broadcast digitally only. The government is "prepared" for "significant problems" and estimates that about 3 million homes will be, unintendedly, T.V free. Personally, I hope my television stops working, though I'm pretty confident that it wont. We must all say goodbye forever to those bendy, anthropomorphic T.V antennas that once tortured and beguiled us. The cutely named Rabbit Ear antennas will also be shot down for good. Of course, for many of us, these things vanished some time ago with the proliferation of cable TV. In found remembrance of this passing I present, below, 3 great Lee Friedlander pictures from his 1963 series of 15 photographs made of television sets in hotel rooms.

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