Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's So Special About This Picture?

Please, dear readers, tell me. I sort of get it. It's a nice enough picture. Elegant, colorful and simple. The subject has dramatic and "haunting," green eyes. Like so many fashion photographs we've seen of attractive, young women in "exotic" clothes. She also looks pissed off and stupefied to have some strange dude creeping around her taking her picture. I have never fully understood the very intense interest and great love affair with this picture. It's arguably one of the worlds most recogonized photographs. On Monday, Kodak, as part of its announcement that it will no longer produce Kodachrome, also mentioned that it has asked Steve McCurry, the photographer who took the picture, to shoot one of the last produced rolls of Kodachrome film. It will then be placed in a Rochester museum for eternity. More interesting than the picture it's self though are the various images and objects that it has inspired.

Above, the original "Young Afghan" by Steve McCurry.

The subject, photographed some 20 years later, holding a copy of the magazine with her likeness on the cover

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Anonymous said...

She aged well in a place where aging comes easy.

My wife still thinks I am rude when I walk down the street and shot people without their permission.